Wonderland Protector Review

Wonderland Protector Review RTP 96.47%, Medium Volatile

In this Wonderland Protector review, you will see how the slot works. With a version of their chicken-filled guardian game Wild Worlds, Swedish supplier NetEnt continues their penetration of the Asian market. 

In conflicts that took place during free spins, three fowlish companions saved the world from alien invaders in Wild Worlds.

This slot, a fantasy-themed clone, maintains everything save the outside covering. This time, three female wizards in a cartoon fantasy kingdom are tasked with rescuing the earth from deadly animals while attempting to collect treasures.

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Best Wonderland Protector Review

Aside from a few graphic changes, the game’s layout remains the same when you start it up. On one side of the screen, the grid remains, while three cartoon witches run around a cauldron in the center of a pentagram. 

Theme and Design

The overall graphic immediately reminded me of Nintendo’s iconic The Legend of Zelda; it has a similar feel to it. Because Zelda is so popular in Asia, it’s only normal to use pictures that gamers can identify to.

Selecting bets is the first step in casting regents into the cauldron. There are numerous alternatives, ranging from 20% on the low end to a heroic £/€400 on the high end. In this role, which involves combating creatures, heroics may be required. But before we get into the tussles, let’s have a look at the game’s mechanics.

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Each fresh spin drops 25 symbols into the 55 grid, where clusters of three to five matching symbols in a line (vertically or horizontally) form a winner. The winning line pops off the grid thanks to the Avalanche function, allowing symbols to crash into the spaces. 

Avalanches remain to pop and tumble until no new winners occur, so multiple wins can appear on a single spin. When this happens, the sequence’s wins are totaled.

A selection of stones of various forms and colors are used as symbols in the game. The three heroes have diamonds that correspond to their overall colors – red, blue, or green – which will make sense once we get to the features. 

Simple motifs, such as skulls, flowers, or snowflakes, can be used to decorate symbols. In terms of payouts, five symbol lines can yield up to 100 times the stake for a purple star gem line. The wild is worth the same (100x) and can help build lines by replacing it with any regular symbol.

RTP and Volatile

The math model that drives Wonderland Protector is identical to the one used in Wild Worlds, making it a true clone. That equates to an RTP of 96.47% and a math model that is medium volatile. 

Both strive for modest potential, however Wonderland Protector isn’t a game for big wins. Around here, it’s all about the video game stylings and battles. With a high RTP live and potential for big payouts, this game is worth checking out.

Slot Features

If you’ve played slot slot demo Wild World and saved the world with chickens, you’ll be familiar with what occurs in Wonderland Protector. If not, start with modifiers and move on to the rest of the extras.

All other regular symbols on the board turn wild for the spin sequence currently in play whenever you land a winning combination of three mid-pay hero symbols. The Hero Wilds feature is available in both the regular game and the free spins mode.

Random Destroy Feature

The Random Destroy feature is the second modifier, which can be triggered at any time after any non-winning base game spin. 

Except for wilds and scatters, this feature picks one of the witches and keeps her related symbols on the grid while removing everything else. This causes a cascade of fresh symbols to fall into the vacant spaces, increasing your chances of winning.


Modifiers are entertaining, but they pale in comparison to the free spins round. If you get three scatter symbols, you’ll get eight free spins, which can be very long if the three witches prove to be worthy opponents. 

They’ll need all of their magic to defeat nine captains and three bosses spanning over three planets. The action can begin in one of the three worlds: Dark Forest, Fire Lands, or Ice Worlds.

The Meters

The appropriate hero’s meter fills each time low or mid-value hero symbols win, allowing them to assault whichever baddy they’re up against. Heroes can use attacks or super attacks, which deal 1-4 damage points, based on their power meter. Captains have 15 health points, whereas monsters have 105. It won’t be easy.

Spreading Wilds

Defeating captains leads to bosses, just as in a regular video game. Defeating bosses unlocks the next world, as well as an additional eight free spins. When a Captain is eliminated, more wilds are added to each world, which are organized in specific ways.

Wilds occur in random positions in the Dark Forest’s Spreading Wilds. The Fire Lands piles two to four single wilds in random spots, whilst The Ice World stacks double wilds in random positions. Winnings grow when players battle their way through the three worlds.

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This game, like NetEnt’s other recent clone, Trollpot 5000, is a clone of a slot that wasn’t particularly well appreciated. Nonetheless, it’s easy to see why they chose this one in their attempt to dominate the Asian market.

This game appears to be a Nintendo-exclusive video game. When viewed as a video game, Wonderland’s theme blends in flawlessly with the gameplay, notably during the battle scenes. Overall, the visuals and theme make more sense than they did in Wilds World. Finally, that is our pokergalaxy Wonderland Protector review.

Last but not least, we’d like to recommend you to play some simple classic slots to get used to the slot pattern. Try Mars Odyssey, Cleopatra, or Diamond Dozen slot machines if you like themed slot games.

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