Payday Megaways Review

Payday Megaways Review  (RTP 95.18% | Medium Volatile) 2022

Do you want to get a bunch of money? No, don’t dream about it! You should make it come true by reading this Payday Megaways review. Ah, payday, that wonderful time of the month when your bills take a portion of your income and you have the remainder to do anything you want with. 

Storm Gaming, based in the United Kingdom, has released its fourth Megaways-powered online slot machine in the hopes of capturing some of that extra cash in a game focused on office jobs, nasty bosses, and, of course, being paid. 

To do so, they’ve designed Payday Megaways around aspects that have previously served them well while also incorporating something unique. The end result feels like a step forward for the studio, and the unique theme might make or break the deal.

Payday Megaways Review Summary

On a regular Megaways grid, the action takes place on 6 main reels with 2-7 symbols each and a horizontal bonus reel on top with 4 symbols. As always, you never know what you’ll get when you press the play button because the alternating amount of symbols creates up to 117,6549 possibilities to win at random.

1. Mood in The Game

Payday Megaways, if anything, has its own personality. Storm Gaming went for a vibrant, almost colorful design. This appears to have been done on purpose, given the accompanying loungey soundtrack portrays a 1990s mood. 

When you’re daring and try something new, you’re likely to get some detractors who don’t appreciate the VGA-era PC gaming circa 1991 style.

Others may welcome a new start at the boss’s office – and what a boss he is. He grumbles when he makes a large score; when he gets a promotion, he coughs on his cut lunch. 

By all means, the man despises handing away cash. It’s a good thing he’s not in charge of the bankroll because the game has the potential to pay off spectacularly.

2. Volatility and RTP

On any device, players may join the office action by selecting appropriate stakes ranging from 20p to £/€100 each spin. With an RTP of 95.18%, this is a rat race that is extremely volatile. 

To win the jackpot, 3 or more matching symbols must appear adjacently on the first reel, or two or more in the case of the top premium symbol. 

The top icon, Boss Man, is worth 40 times the stake for lines of six of a type. He’s accompanied by award ribbons, cash, spreadsheets, and a box of cigars; 6 of a type wins from this lot payout 2-7.5 times the bet.

3. Pay Symbols

J-A symbols, which are worth 0.9 to 1.75x for 6 of a kind, are found further down the corporate ladder. A dollar symbol sign ring wild shows on the top row above reels 2-5, helping players in putting together winning combinations. Wilds can complete a combination by substituting for any regular pay symbol.

3. Slot Feature

While working in an office is the last thing from going to a rock concert, Payday Megaways has many of the same features as Monsters of Rock Megaways, a previous Storm Gaming slot.

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This suggests that players will experience the same reaction mechanism, as well as mystery symbols, a pick me bonus, royal removals, and free spins. However, as you shall see, there is one new feature to add to the experience.

Reaction Feature

The reaction feature is key to the action, as it is in most Megaways slots. When winning combinations appear on the reels, all winning symbols are removed, allowing fresh symbols to tumble down and fill in the gaps. 

Reactions can lead to multiple wins in a row on a single spin, but they only stop when no new combinations appear.

Pick Me Symbol

Mystery symbols are another Megaways classic. They aren’t used very often in Payday Megaways, but when they do, they all change to the same matching pay symbol.

Pick Me is similar to Monsters of Rock Megaways in that it uses envelopes as triggering symbols. When three of them are visible, the player must choose one to disclose a bet win multiplier, which is then given to the player.

Promotion Feature

The Promotion feature is another small modifier that, admittedly, can generate some remarkable reaction chains. 

Promotions, similar to the High Voltage feature in Monsters of Rock Megaways, appear at random and remove low-paying symbols from the reels. A fresh win appraisal is conducted, which may trigger reactions.

Free Spins

The scatter symbol is the Payday logo, and landing four or more on the reels awards 12 free spins. If there are more than four scatters, each additional one adds four more spins. 

Scatters only show on the top reel when free spins are active, and three or four of them earn +4 or +8 extra free spins. Free spins use a progressive win multiplier that starts at x1 and rises by +1 after each reaction, as you might expect if you’re familiar with Megaways.

Boss Spins

Finally, despite appearing to be a tightwad, Boss Spins can appear at any time throughout the base game and provide a random number of free spins. What’s interesting about this game is that the boss starts the progressive multiplier with a value of up to x10 and around 2 and 20 free spins.

Our Final Thoughts

This game sounds a lot like Monsters of Rock Megaways on paper, and the features are very similar in actuality. When all is said and done, Storm Gaming has done a decent job of producing a rather unique Megaways experience. 

Although offices are the definition of monotony, Storm Gaming has recreated one in a playful, hilarious style. Even the stereotypical boss comes off as a guy who enjoys grumbling for the sake of nagging rather than being a grump. Well, those are our Payday Megaways review for you!

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