Coba Slot Machine:

Coba Slot Machine Review: 95% RTP (Elk Studios)

This review of Coba Slot Machine will look into ELK Studios’ new slot innovation, along with many interesting features.

Coba Slot Machine: The Background Story

Elk Studios is back to introduce us to its latest creation, a very special video slot where we will meet crawling snakes. Yes, you read that right. It takes the title of Coba which is the name of an ancient city of the Maya civilization, today an archaeological site of great interest. 

This is how the Coba slot machine is presented to us: The spirit of the Mayan snake god Quetzalcoatl has protected the ancient city of Coba for thousands of years. To explore his rooms, you must face the dangerous traps of the spirit to reach treasures that accumulate up to 25,000 times.

This slot machine that we are about to examine is thus remarkable for its history, but we anticipate that its game will be unique and different from the norm. It should be noted that it develops through a single feature, which may give the impression of being a repetitive and monotonous game, particularly to those players who prefer slots with lots of action.

Let’s start with the bets. Keep in mind that it can be played for free, or with the demo versions with its virtual coins. The Coba slot machine allows you to choose between 0.20 and 100 demo coins. We can only recommend searching the web for legal sites that offer the service to those who prefer to bet real money.

Coba Slot Machine: Game Symbols

Coba slot machine is set in the ruins of what was once the city of Coba, which now stands around two lagoons, in the state of Quintana Roo, Mexico. It is thought that the city of Cobá in the past was called Kinchil Cobá, in reference to the Mayan sun god K’inich Ajaw and that during its heyday would have had a population of 50,000 or more. 

The game Coba slot machine comes alive on a very unique payline, being hexagonal in shape and with all the symbols depicted as stones. This game uses a configuration with 7×7 reels, which pays when 5 or more matching symbols connect and the cluster system. Here the winning combinations are then formed with the corresponding groups of symbols, arranged close together, connected horizontally and vertically. A group must consist of a minimum of 5 identical icons. 

The winning game symbols will disappear from the grid with each winning cluster, leaving blank spaces. As a result, other icons will drop into place and new symbols will appear on the payline, in a process that will continue indefinitely and stop only when no other wins occur. 

The most generous symbol is the golden one, which is worth 500 times the bet if there are 15 or more of them. Those who are less profitable must pay ten times the stake for 15 or more clusters.

To form the best combinations in the Coba slot machine, players can also count on the wild, which works as a substitute for the regular symbols. However, the wild is assigned by the function with active snakes, we will see how it works in the next section of this review.

To play faster and faster, use the button to start the laps automatically, which is located at the top right in Quick Play mode.

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Coba Slot Machine: Features, Snakes and Wild Multipliers

As already mentioned, the Coba slot machine comes alive with the avalanche system and the formation of winning clusters. When a win is formed, players will see the counter on the right light up. In fact, it will be filled with winning symbols, and after four consecutive wins, it will also illuminate its coloured gems.

The crawling snakes will then appear on the reels. Only one will appear on the first level lit, two on the second, three on the third, and as many as six on the fourth. Snakes can be at least 5 symbols long, but they will stretch even further as they eat visible symbols. They will be able to create multiple winning clusters of the same symbols this way.

With the crawling snakes’ mechanism, the wildcard multipliers x2 will also come to life, and this will happen when the snakes cross each other, and the more they cross on the same wild, the greater the multiplier of the wildcard. This actually doubles at each intersection, resulting in increasingly large winnings. To summarize, if several wild multipliers are part of a cluster, their values will be multiplied together before being applied.

We remind you of the X-iter function, which in this slot777 online offers 5 different game modes ranging from a minimum bet of 2 times to play with 3 snakes when you reach levels 1 and 2 on the Snake Meter, to a maximum bet of 500 times to immediately activate level 4 with 6 crawling snakes.

Our Conclusion on The Coba Slot Machine

Elk Studios’ Coba slot machine offers a really simple and essential game. However, it is a slot machine that we would recommend, especially to beginners, because the rules are simple. 

We are, however, a bit concerned about the given RTP of the game which is 95%. This is lower than the average for an online slot and does not satisfy us at all, even if this is a percentage that can be considered standard for Elk Studios online games.

Instead, the largest winnings can reach 25,000 times the bet. The Coba slot machine also has medium volatility, which means that its prizes can be won on a regular basis. 

Finally, keep in mind that this free slot with Coba crawling snakes by Elk Studios uses HTML5 technology and can be played on any device, including PCs, tablets, and mobile devices running iOS, Android, or Windows.

So, that’s it for our review of the Coba slot machine. Good luck, bet wisely, and have fun!

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