Brave Cat slot review

Brave Cat Slot Review: RTP 96.18% (EGT)

Are you looking for the Brave Cat slot review as your guidance? It is a slot machine from EGT that appears to be based on the iconic cartoon character Puss in Boots. 

It’s a cat dressed as a musketeer, a swordsman sporting a pair of lovely boots, as the name suggests. Despite the fact that this does not appear to be an officially licensed slot machine, it is definitely based on that cartoon character.

A Brief of Brave Cat Slot Review

Brave Cat slot review

Brave Cat is changed into a 5-reel, 40-line slot machine. The game offers up to 1,000x awards, which may amount to $10,000 in this case. Free spins, wilds, scatters, and stacked symbols appear to be included. Most of them play in Slot olympus as the main choice.

1. Wagering Options

When you have 40 active lines and no way to lower them, it’s evident that you’ll need 40 coins in your stake each round. You do have the option of changing their value to something more manageable, which is why a single spin might cost as little as $0.40, or $0.01 per line. 

You can get away with a stake of up to $400 at the other end of the betting range, in which case we can estimate a line bet of $10. Also with the game claiming that it can pay a top jackpot of 1,000x your line wager, it’s evident that it can pay the player up to $10,000 in money for only one combination.

2. Game Features

If you’re seeking for a challenging game or something entertaining to play, Brave Cat is probably not the place to look. This slot machine, like many others from EGT, is quite straightforward, relying on features that have appeared in thousands of other games, both online and offline.

The wild symbol, which features similarly to that of any other slot machine and can act as a substitute when joined with regular symbols on the same active line, is a good indicator. It can only aid you if it does this and lands in the exact proper position, surrounded by other symbols of the same type. 

It won’t bring you a reward every time you play, but it will come in handy rather frequently. It’s a common feature in many slot machines, so it’s not surprising that it’s included here.

The scatter symbols are a little different, since they use double symbols that depict two representations of the same King. If these symbols appear frequently enough, you will be awarded a feature featuring free spins. As you can see, there isn’t much to like about this game, at least if you’re looking for something different and enjoyable.

3. Design and Theme

The theme is straightforward, combining the cat musketeer with a medieval backdrop. You end up with a slot machine featuring an adorable cat as the main figure, as well as its boots, hats, the king, and several other characters as symbols. 

There are also the typical poker logos on the reels, which are regrettably not very appealing to the eye.

Final Conclusion

In the end of this Brave Cat slot review, it will not attract a large number of players, but for those who do, it could be a fun way to spend some time and money in exchange for some awards.

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